Surface Technology: Washing

As salt residues remain after electrochemical deburring, we operate a washing plant parallel to the electrochemical deburring plant that can process workpieces with the same dimensions (6,000 mm long, approx. 400 mm OD).

The actual washing process is fully automatic. Water at 70° Celsius with an added alkaline cleaning agent is flushed through the holes at a pressure of 3.5 bar with two jets on opposing sides and at different heights. The difference in height guarantees turbulence in the water, thus cleaning internally without residue.

Rotating jets in the roof of the plant rinse the outside at the same pressure. During the complete washing process, the workpiece rotates in the plant, ensuring that the external area is thoroughly cleaned of residue.

Afterwards, any longitudinal or transverse holes in the workpiece can also be rinsed with small hoses, also at 3.5 bar, removing salt residue as well as swarf, emulsion or oils. As these hoses are connected to a water/air combination, the workpiece can then be completely dried.