High-pressure water jets

On our specially produced stationary pipe-cleaning machine, it is possible to completely clean pipes/drilling rods etc. between 1.5" and 13" and up to 10 m long from inside and outside.
The controllable operating pressure of up to 3,000 bar, special nozzle heads, appropriate jets and a few little secrets allow us to fulfil the sometimes very high demands and complex requirements from the customer.

Pipes can be freed from various deposits/coatings such as dirt, corrosion, rubber or even concrete.
A very important point in the process is that the material is not affected in any way:
It is only cleaned, not damaged!
The resulting waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. The waste water is cleaned according to regulations with a suitable separator and then discharged.

If you have any questions on your product or on a particular cleaning task, please contact us. We will find a solution to (almost) every problem.

3000 bar