Sandstrahlen Container

Surface Technology: Sandblasting

We use sandblasting for cleaning, deburring and smoothing a wide range of materials.

The blasting medium is applied to the surface of the workpiece with controlled compressed air. It removes deposits, encrustation, corrosion, scaling and paint with the energy of its impact. It is essential that the workpiece is not damaged, and small dimensional tolerances, edges and sealing surfaces are retained.

The blasting medium has a rebound effect that ensures that it is still effective in almost completely inaccessible cavities. In most cases, the blasting principle eliminates the need to clean the workpieces with chemicals or mechanical tools.

We work in sandblasting cabins of various sizes in which highly effective blasting-medium recycling systems are integrated.The recycling systems continually separate dust, contaminants and exhausted blasting medium from reusable blasting medium.
Due to the use of only cleaned shot/blasting medium, the surface quality of the workpieces processed and the blasting duration are consistent.

Various blasting media are used in our blasting machines appropriate to each blasting task. You can ask about these in a personal meeting with our contact partners responsible.

After the sandblasting, we offer the additional option of coating your parts using various processes. Please ask directly for more detailed information.