Surface Technology: Deburring

We have been active in the field of electrochemical and manual deburring since 2006.
A new factory workshop was built for this purpose and equipped with the latest technology.

Electrochemical Deburring

With our modern ECM deburring machine, which is designed especially for the needs of the ever-more-complicated components in the oil and natural gas industries, we are in the position not only to deburr but also to chamfer without edges, even for the most complicated drilling intersections.

Especially with holes for cables, this is a great advantage, as there is no longer a risk of damage, even with the strongest vibrations. In principle, it is possible for us to chamfer drilling intersections up to a depth of 1,200 mm and a diameter of 3 to 7 mm and to ensure the quality of our work with our special endoscopes (see Endoscopy). The maximum component length is 6,000 mm, with a maximum external diameter of approx. 400 mm.


Manual deburring

In modern machine construction, the quality of the products is becoming more and more important. Therefore, deburring is also of increasing significance. As there are often problems in this area, we have specialised in this.

With the most up-to-date manual workplaces, we can deburr and/or chamfer all accessible edges, holes, pockets, threads, grooves and much more. An assortment of several dozen burr attachments, the associated manual equipment and the best-trained staff will convince you and solve your deburring problems in a jiffy.



Examining the holes we have processed requires a technology that is probably familiar to everybody from modern medicine.
Special optical fibre endoscopes with a diameter of 2.7 to 4.8 mm allow us to look deep inside your components.

With various initial viewing angles, we can also 'look around the corner' up to 70°. And if the course of the hole beyond the intersection needs to be checked, we use our completely flexible glass fibre endoscope (2.7 mm diameter/800 mm long) or the likewise fully flexible Video endoscope system (3.9 mm Diameter/3,000 mm long).

We can also inspect workpieces not processed by us for cleanliness and whatever is important to our clients and, using the latest technology, also store them as digital image material.